Re: [Histonet] Immunofluorescence question

From:Jimmy Lao

We are doing Immunofluorescence on mouse tissue for
research, The current commercial PBS we use is from
Mediatech, Inci n Herndon, VA 20171
Cat# 21-031-CM,  they call that DPBS.
Hope this help!.

--- wrote:

> Hi. Just have a few questions for those of you that
> do immunofluorescence.  
> Typically I do mostly skin punches and shaves for
> our dermatopath. My  question 
> is, do any of you order the PBS that is used for the
> procedure or make  it as 
> needed? I was making it up as needed, but there has
> been an increase in  the 
> cases and I wondered if anyone ordered commercially.
> If so, please let me  
> know a good vendor and I will get some ordered.
> Nothing worse that starting to  
> process your specimen just to notice that someone
> left you an empty bottle of  
> PBS. I've only been doing this procedure for a few
> months and I am always  
> looking for little tips to improve my technique. So
> far things have been going  
> well. I had a problem with tissue washing off before
> applying the antibodies 
> but  seem to have improved that area. I have tried
> applying heat, extending 
> drying  times etc., but inevitably there is still
> some tissue loss. I put several  
> sections on each slide with the control and seem to
> lose usually 1 section of 
>  the patient tissue. I would love to have all
> sections stay until the  
> coverslipping stage but maybe that's my OCD and not
> realistic.
> Thanks for any info or words of wisdom you can share
> with me.
> Jodi L.  Putnam
> HT (ASCP) 
> St. Thomas Hospital
> Nashville,  Tennessee
> 615-389-9930
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