Re: [Histonet] Cutting frozens

From:Victoria Baker

In smaller community or non-teaching based labs it
isn't uncommon for both histotechs and lab assistants
to cut frozen sections.  Teaching a lab assistant or
even a student to cut frozens takes time and practice.
 They also have to be approved by the pathologists
that they will be cutting the frozens for.  All of
this is documented before anyone is cleared to cut
actual cases (this includes new hire histotechs).

In teaching hospitals residents have to cut their own
frozens.  These residents usually learn from other
residents and histologists that are trained to cut
frozens.  They too have to be approved by the
pathologists before they can start cutting actual

>From what I've seen having a trained lab assistant or
1st year resident handle a frozen hasn't had adverse
affects on any patient or their care.  

As the saying goes, everyone has to learn some how and
the best way to learn is from someone who knows what
their doing.  

Vikki Baker 
--- Rene J Buesa  


> Absolutely NOT (at least in Florida).
>   Consider that this is one of the most delicate
> tasks in the histology lab. The patient is waiting
> in OR, the pathologist and the surgeon have to take
> a decision based on the FS section. That tissue has
> to be assured total integrity; this is nothing to be
> handled by somebody not certified; it has to be also
> very well trained.
>   René J.
> wrote:
>   Are non certified techs allowed to cut frozens?
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