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We on occasion work on seeded construct sample that are implanted into
several species.  We use in-situ hybridization to determine whether or not
the cells are from a specific species.  For example we have used mouse DNA
satilite sequences to determine mouse cells from seeded porcine cells. In
that project we used a Mouse satellite DNA repeat sequence that only appears
in the Mouse but not the Pig genome.  There are several papers that look at
in-situ hybridization to determine human cells.  I'll attach one in an
additional e-mail.  We got our probes from GeneDetect and they were very
helpful with helping us pick out what we needed.


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Hi All-

I'm a medical student working on a mouse-human chimera system for studying
vascular grafts. Basically, am implanting grafts seeded with mixed
populations of human cells into immunodeficient mice. I am currently
explanting these grafts at different time points and trying to determine if
the cellular infiltrates are human or mouse in origin by
immunohistochemistry. Only problem is that I am having difficulty finding an
antibody that is a pan-human cell marker. If anyone knows if one exists for
immunohistochemistry or a better way of identifying human cells in these
grafts, I'd appreciate any and all advice.

Thanks so much you guys,

Jason Roh
Yale Medical Student
New Haven, CT 06510

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