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Necrosis is currently used to indicate non apoptotic accidental form of
cell death. But please understand that cell death and necrosis are two
different entities. For example if rat liver cells are subjected to
ischemia, hydrolysis and denaturation of cellular proteins started at 30
minutes and cells reached the point of no return (this is actually the cell
death) at 2.0-2.5 hrs. This point of no return is characterized by massive
caspase activation, loss of mitochondrial transmembrane potential and
exposure of phosphatidylserine groups, which make the cells to be
identified by the phagocytic cells, and aids in phagocytosis (I can tell
EAT ME signal). Now histological identification will come only at 12-24
hrs. That means cells die long before any necrotic changes seen under light
microscope. So cell death and necrosis are two different entities and
should not be used as synonyms. If you have any queries, please get back to
me. I have some superb references dealing with this always controversial



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