[Histonet] off topic news from C. Embrey


This is very "off topic" but I had to share this news with my friends on
histonet.  My first novel, The Lost Keep of Kaywall (ISBN1-58982-369-9),
is being released from the publisher and will make its debut at Gen Con
in Indianapolis on Aug 10th.  It is available online at my website
www.GreyRealm.com   and at Publisher's Direct
Bookstore at www.pdbookstore.com   .  It
will also be coming soon to amazon.com.  It is a fantasy adventure in
the Dungeons and Dragons setting and is basically a moralistic good
verses evil adventure.  It was something I started for fun and it has
actually taken form.  More information is available on my website.


I apologize in advance to anyone troubled that this is not "histology"
related but I have been with histonet for so many years now that I think
of you as my extended family.



Charles Embrey Jr.


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