[Histonet] Immunofluorescence question


Hi. Just have a few questions for those of you that do immunofluorescence.  
Typically I do mostly skin punches and shaves for our dermatopath. My  question 
is, do any of you order the PBS that is used for the procedure or make  it as 
needed? I was making it up as needed, but there has been an increase in  the 
cases and I wondered if anyone ordered commercially. If so, please let me  
know a good vendor and I will get some ordered. Nothing worse that starting to  
process your specimen just to notice that someone left you an empty bottle of  
PBS. I've only been doing this procedure for a few months and I am always  
looking for little tips to improve my technique. So far things have been going  
well. I had a problem with tissue washing off before applying the antibodies 
but  seem to have improved that area. I have tried applying heat, extending 
drying  times etc., but inevitably there is still some tissue loss. I put several  
sections on each slide with the control and seem to lose usually 1 section of 
 the patient tissue. I would love to have all sections stay until the  
coverslipping stage but maybe that's my OCD and not realistic.
Thanks for any info or words of wisdom you can share with me.
Jodi L.  Putnam
St. Thomas Hospital
Nashville,  Tennessee
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