[Histonet] CAP questions regarding Microwaves

From:"Vacca Jessica"

Hi all,
I went through the archive to find out information regarding the new Cap
questions on microwaves and there were no definite answers.....Can I get
a some feedback on the proposed methods for being compliant with these
questions. Here are a couple of ideas that I had. Annual testing- I
purchased a leakage detector (35.00 on line) and will do an annual test
(or is this something Biomed should be doing?) monitoring temps- 3
coplin jars temps prior to going in taking start temps and 1 at a time
place the containers in the exact same spot, 50 mls tap water for 30
secs. Take temp ea time. It gives me a reading of 63 degrees, there can
be a little flexibility but by how much does one recommend? Also what is
everyone considering periodically? 1 a month? As far as the venting
goes, we use a wal-mart purchased microwave, I read in an archive that
these are not allowed according to OSHA. Has everyone out there thrown
away there microwaves that you've been using all these years, or are you
continuing to use them? Thanks in advance for your feedback!
Jessica Vacca
Histology Supervisor
Brandon Regional Hospital
119 Oakfield Dr.
Brandon Fl 33511
(813) 571-5193 or (813) 681-5551 ext 2454

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