[Histonet] A word of thanks AND more travel and permanent jobs than we have techs--AGAIN!!


Hi everyone!
  I want to thank you all for the wonderful responses to my last plea for anyone interested in traveling.  We had quite a few responses, a few people are already on the road, others working toward that end and still others asking really great questions and considering the life of a travel tech.  (One person got caught in the bad weather near St. Louis and things got a little mixed up---call me if you read this as your cell isn't working either!!)
  Again--I need temp techs!!  There are several openings coming up in good labs where you'll learn a lot, meet some good people and have some fun.  Also, we have a stack of permanent openings with upward mobility and great social settings--some in management situations if you're ready to make the leap.  I'm the only recruiter who is a working histotech.  In the first conversation you get to know me and it's fun.  No obligation. No pressure.  I don't spam your resume around--it's your life and I'm just here to help out--you make the decisions.  
  Also--we're ramping up to start a Clinical Lab division in a few months...please share our contact information to your MT/MLT friends. Please ask about our referral bonuses.
  Thanks for sharing your knowledge and time--as always, histotechs are a cut above :)
  Cheryl Kerry, HT(ASCP)
  Full Staff Inc.
  Staffing the AP Lab - one tech at a time.
  800.756.3309 phone & fax
  281.852.9457 office
  281.883.7704 cell
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