[Histonet] A mystery...

From:"Tapper, Sheila"

We are having a random problem that I hope someone can help me solve.  

We routinely cut extra sections on our prostate needle biopsies for
immuno stains - specifically the PIN 4 antibody.  In a very random
manner, we will have an occasional case that will not stay adhered to
the slide.  Some days we can have 4 cases, cut by the same tech, handled
together, and one case will wash off.  If we repeat using different
levels - they wash again. We retrieve the slides in a high pH retrieval
solution prior to staining.  We do not see the same effect on H&E - they
routinely stay on.  We are using coated slides for everything - using
the same batch, and seeing the same phenomenon.  

I can only wonder if there is something happening to the biopsy at the
time of collection that may inhibit the tissue from staying adhered to
the slide????  (I am always hopeful the reason is outside the lab!!!!)  

Thanks for any insights!

Sheila Tapper HT(ASCP)
St. Luke's Hospital
Duluth, MN

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