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I should clarify that Rene does not specifically mention outsourcing as a
solution - that was my logical extention of his (also my mistake!) point. I
would also add overtime as essentially a method of "hiring" more
technologist time.

Tim Morken

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I'll put in a plug for Rene's article ("Removing the Stumbling Blocks; Using
Statistics, learn how to optimize your workflow in histology," Advance for
Medical Professionals, July 3, 2006, pp. 18 - 29.

The major "Inconvenient Truth" that Rene points out is that an increase in
the histology workload cannot be handled without either adding more people
or sending the work out (which is functionally the same as adding more
people). The reason for this is because histology has a very low level of
automation. She points out that the clinical lab is mostly automated and one
tech can deal with increases in workload by simply feeding more samples into
the machines and so greatly increase their personal productivity. The vast
majority of work in Histology is still manual so productivity cannot go
beyond some relatively finite personal workload levels. Rene suggests that
lab managers look at the whole system, not individual tech workload, when
trying to increase productivity. 

Thanks Rene!

Tim Morken
Lab Vision - Neomarkers

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  I am sending under separate cover a paper I just published on the subject.
Hope this will help you.
  rené J.

"Galiotto, Laura"  wrote:
Hello Fellow Histotechs
Can anyone direct me to a source which helps estabilsh standards for
Histotechs and workload? I have contacted CAP and ASCP without success. I
have not been successful contacting CLIA

Laura Galiotto, HT (ASCP)
Histology Facilitator

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