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From:"Gudrun Lang"

 You speak about rotation microtome,don't you?
I've been working with a microm sliding microtom for years - and love it.
Tastes are different.


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Betreff: [Histonet] Manual Microtome?


Seeing I haven't been to a National meeting for awhile.  I was wondering
what companies are still out there that make a quality manual microtome?  I
know of Sakura, Leica and Olympus, but only have contacts for Sakura and
Leica.  If there are any sales people looking at this for the Wyoming area,
please send information to me at the address at the bottom of this message.

Also, for the tech's reading this.  What in your opinion is the best (all
areas) manual microtome out there?  I currently have a Microm Ergostar and
hate it.  I have spent thousands of dollars trying to get it to not do the
venetian blinding on 95% of our blocks, but it still does it.  It doesn't
make any difference as to what type os tissue I cut or the size.  

Thanks in advance,

Daryl A. Mikita, HT(ASCP)cm
Wyoming Medical Center
Anatomical Pathology
1233 E. 2nd St.
Casper, WY 82601

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