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From:Rene J Buesa

  This is the way I used to do HIER:
  heat the citrate buffer in the MWoven without the slides up to boliling point (time will depend on the energy output of yout MWoven and the amount of buffer).
  After that, put the heated citrate buffer in either a water bath (95║C) or a steamer (98║C) and when the hot citrate has thermally equilibrated with the hot environment into which it has been put (about 5 minutes) is then when you add the slides to do the HIER during 20 minutes; after those 20 minutes you take the container with the hot citrate buffer and the slides and place it over the counter for another 20 minutes to complete HIER.
  You will not lose sections with this procedure.
  Hope this will help you
  RenÚ J.

Melissa Mazan  wrote:
  Hi - I'm trying a citrate buffer antigen retrieval protocol. After I 
have dewaxed the slides, I put them in citrate buffer - protocol says 
microwave on high for 25 minutes. However, when I remove the slides all 
the tissue has slid off the slide. Any suggestions? Melissa
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