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From:Rene J Buesa

  The source of the bone is always irrelevant. Bone is bone is bone!
  For fast decalcification you can use HCl at 1% or any commercial decal solution (like RDO). For a gentle "friendly" (and very lengthy decalcification!) you can use EDTA.
  The end point of any would be your ability to either bend or press the treated bone.
  Any of the decalcifying methods described in any histology book can be used.
  The general protocol would be to place the bone and adjacent issues (AFTER being fixed) in the decal solution and inspect them every 8 hours to determine the endpoint (as explained above).
  Use at least a ratio of decal to bone volumes of 20 to 1 . After 24 hours, if decalcification has not taken place, eliminated decal solution and add fresh because the acid in the previous volume has been "neutralized" by the salts extracted from the bone.
  This is still one of the histology procedures that have to be completed "playing by ear".
  Hope this will help you!
  René J.

Mary McKee  wrote:

My lab needs to decalcify some adult mouse nasal bone for paraffin 
and possibly epon embedding. I'm looking for protocols. Thanks in 


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