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> We are seeking advice.  Our Leica 2125 RM microtome has been 
> functioning well until it suddenly started cutting thick thin sections.  
> We have tried to align it, etc and it still is not functioning properly.  
> The block face looks smooth, but it will cut several slices toward one 
> side, then on the next pass it cuts off a potato chip slice.  Any
> suggestions would be appreciated.  Franci Tryka


Most of the time when microtomes start acting up like this, there's a problem 
either with the clamping of the blade in the blade holder or with the knife 
holder itself.

I'd check for paraffin or other debris between the clamping plates, a nick or 
a defect on the front or back clamping plate, the clamping pressure of the 
blade or the tightness of the knife holder where it clamps onto the base of the 

If all of that fails, you can contact Leica at 1-800-248-0123.

Hope this helps!



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