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From:Rene J Buesa

  From a survey I finished in Feb./06 (Advance Magazine 3 July/06) I can give you some general information:
  1-the average of IHC tests/year in 22 foreign labs = 18,000
  2-the average for USA labs (23) = 8,000 [General averages between 300 and 69,000 slides/year for all labs).
  3- the difference in IHC workload between foreign and USA labs is significant (P<0.05)
  4- usually the slides are cut in the same lab (average 2 hours/day).
  5-46% of labs use autostainers (different makes).
  6-for total workload = between 1 and 27 HTs (Average = 8; data from 122 labs).
  7-lab assistants: between 0 and 7, average = 2 (48 labs).
  Hope this will help you!
  René J.

Jennifer MacDonald  wrote:
  I have a few questions for IHC labs related to workload and staffing. 
Thank you.
1. How many slides per day?
2. Are slides processed, embedded, and cut by the IHC staff or elsewhere?
3. Automation or manual.
If automation what instrument?
4. Number of staff members to perform the workload?
How many histotechs? How many lab assistants?

Thanks to all who help with this.
Jennifer MacDonald
Mt. San Antonio College
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