RE: [Histonet] affixing large tissue blocks to glass at room temp erature

From:"Monfils, Paul"

How about gelatin or agar or agarose? Put a drop on the glass, place the
blotted tissue slice on the drop, then transfer to the refrigerator or the
cold plate of the embedding unit for about a minute to gel the adhesive.

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> Hey guys,
> I have several mouse liver "slices" that are fixed in NBF.   
> Basically, I took a fresh liver, immersed it in NBF for about an  
> hour, then sliced a lobe like a loaf of bread.  I then put it in fix  
> overnight to make sure the inside of the slices were well fixed.  I  
> now want to take "whole mount" pictures of the slices.  It would help  
> immensely if I could somehow fix the slices to a glass plate.  The  
> problem is that I want to make sure I don't destroy the slices as I  
> might want to section them later.  Are there any suggestions for  
> temporarily affixing the slices to a glass plate at room  
> temperature?  Someone suggested double sided tape, but of course this  
> could damage the tissue.
> Thanks,
> Caroline 
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