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1. We run approximately 150 to 200 IHC slides (research and clinical)
and 5 to 10 ISH slides per day.
2. All of our slides (patient and controls) are cut in Histology and
ready for IHC Lab by 8:00 AM
3. We have 2 Benchmark XT instruments and 2 Dako instruments and all of
our IHC and ISH protocols are automated.
4. We have 2 technicians that perform these tests. All animal IHC tests
are performed by a tech that only performs animal IHC and we have 1 tech
that does the clinical IHC and ISH tests. All of my techs are
cross-trained in IHC and the IHC rotation is rotated monthly. If IHC
tests had to be performed manually, it would take probably 4 techs to
complete the workload accurately and in a timely manner. Hope this
helps. It will be interesting to see responses from other labs. 

Charlene Henry HT (ASCP), QIHC
Histology/Immunohistochemistry Section Head
Department of Pathology
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
fax 901-495-3100

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I have a few questions for IHC labs related to workload and staffing. 
Thank you.
1.  How many slides per day?
2.  Are slides processed, embedded, and cut by the IHC staff or
3.  Automation or manual.
        If automation what instrument?
4.  Number of staff members to perform the workload?
        How many histotechs?  How many lab assistants?

Thanks to all who help with this.
Jennifer MacDonald
Mt. San Antonio College
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