RE: [Histonet] How to stain mast cell in mouse lung sections with toluidine blue?

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CD 117 rules, (but I far prefer looking at aldehyde fuchsin).

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Mast cells, as you know, contain heparin, histamine and 5 hydroxytryptamine
and many people suggest that alcohol fixation may be more prudent for the
preservation of the granules. Basic lead acetate fixation is recommended but
some do NOT recommend formol fixation as it is thought you need a heavy

The presence of the sulphated polysaccharide heparin is responsible for
staining with the thiazin dyes down to pH 0.5 to 1. So I assume variations
in the amounts of the sulphated polysaccharide heparin may account for your

You may like to try other techniques such as Alcian Blue PAS, Acid
diazosafranin or other stains such as Biebrich scarlet, aldehyde fuchsin,
etc. I assume it's like most things in life there is no common mast cell.

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