[Histonet] golgi stain

From:christa hercher

   We are trying to stain human tissue with a variation of the golgi stain.  The protocol is:
  1) We are using mostly frozen tissue that we fix in formal NO buffer 10%.  
  2) K2Cr2O7 3% for 2 days (changing solution each day) 
  3) AgNO3 2% for 2 days - on first day we do a rinse with distilled water then rinse with AgNO3.
  4) change to sucrose solution and put in fridge 3-4 days.
  throughout, the tissue and solution is placed on a rocker
  we are using a small tissue block but are seeing a lot of blood vessels.  my question is if anyone knows a way to avoid staining these blood vessels?
  Thank you
  masters student
  mcgill university

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