[Histonet] antibodies/protocols for oligodendrocytes & microglia

From:Maria Mejia

If there is anyone out there doing IHC/IF on primate free-floating  
40um cryostat sections
fixed in Zamboni fixative for Oligodendrocytes & Microglia - our lab  
would very much like
to hear from you!!!  Even though we have been successful doing IHC/IF  
for other markers,
we have had NO success with the two above markers.

We are in need of working protocol(s) & successful antibodies for  
Oligodendrocytes &
Microglia. We have tried several antibodies for IHC/IF from several  
companies such as:
Chemicon's anti-CNpase for oligodendrocytes - no staining.
LabVision's mylein base protein (a protein that is expressed in  
oligodendrocytes) -
it stained the mylein sheath but not the cell bodies.
Biocare Medical's microglia (Iba1) antibody - also without success.

I can tell you its been very frustrating trying various antibodies/ 
protocols - all without
success on our primate sections. Please, we would greatly appreciate  
any information,
helpful tips & equally important share your working protocol(s). We  
also want to hear
from companies too.


Maria Bartola Mejia
Department of Neurosurgery
University California San Francisco
San Francisco, Ca 94103
Tel: 415-514-2954

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