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From:"Sanders, Julie, VHACIN"


I have a few questions for IHC labs related to workload and staffing. 
Thank you.
1.  How many slides per day?  
2.  Are slides processed, embedded, and cut by the IHC staff or
3.  Automation or manual.
        If automation what instrument?
4.  Number of staff members to perform the workload?
        How many histotechs?  How many lab assistants?

Thanks to all who help with this.
Jennifer MacDonald
Mt. San Antonio College

Jennifer, at the VAMC Cincinnati we run between 10-30 slides per day for
IHC.  The blocks are embedded and cut by the Histology staff.  We have a
Ventana Benchmark which gives us the option of running overnight stains
since we only have one shift, this works great for us.  There's only 3
of us, myself and 2 techs, so we all perform IHC.
Our TAT is usually 24 hours or less, normally the docs get their IHC's
on the same day ordered if they order them before 12 noon.  If it is a
longer procedure (TTF-1, etc.) we run these overnight.
Hope this helps.

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