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  I weigh in here every once in a while to ask questions for my bench work and help out my fellow-techs.  Now I need a little help!
  I know there are folks here who don't think this should be used as a forum for soliciting business: I am soliciting employees--I have plenty of business--I need about 10 more techs! (registered or not--as long as you know your stuff!).
  I operate a small Histology staffing service--and the travel division is GROWING!!!  How would you like to work in all sorts of places, learn lots of new things,  earn a great wage with lots of perks and all for a company run by a tech who's walked in these shoes (since 1983) ?
  I welcome all questions: I'll give you references--talk to some of the people who travel for me and they'll tell you I keep it fun, I keep my word (I put everything in writing), and even if there are a few icky things, I'll tell you straight up.  Not quite ready? Give me a call and I'll run through 'Travel Tech 101' so you can make an educated decision.  It takes about 10 minutes, you'll learn a little about how traveling works and if  you like--you can register so you'll get a call or email for new jobs you might enjoy.  I won't try to shove you into a job that doesn't fit just because we have a contract to fill--no pressure, no hassles.
  We run a generous referral program--if you know people seeking permanent or who are curious about travel, call me and I'll explain how it works.  I need unregistered and registered Histotechs, a few with State Licenses, and we have openings for MT/MLTs as well.  How often do you run into a situation where EVERYONE wins--this is one.  
  I appreciate this forum--I still work as a tech and you have helped me be better in my chosen field.  Thanks for allowing my request!!
  Cheryl Kerry, HT(ASCP)
  Full Staff Inc.
  800.756.3309 phone and fax
  Staffing the AP Lab by helping one tech at a time.
  Temporary and Permanent openings across all 50 States.
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