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Dear Histonetters,
                              This   is   with   regard   to  detection  of
phospholipidosis  in rodent tissue sections. I was told to develop a rapid,
sensitive  screening  method  for  detection  of phospholipidosis in rodent
tissues.   The   chemicals  I  am  dealing  with  are  known  for  inducing
phospholipidosis  in  liver,  spleen,  kidney,  adrenals  and  eye.  In the
literature,  it  was  recommended  that ultra structural examination of the
sections  is  the gold standard for detection of phospholipidosis (presence
of lamellar bodies in lysosomes). Histologically, the only changes observed
are  the  vacuolations in the respective tissues. Also acid phosphatase and
nile  red staining are recommended as marker of lysosomal storage disorders
and  histochemical  staining of phospholipids respectively. Now my question
is  whether  any  of  our members are having any sort of experience to deal
with  this  since  doing  Electron Microscopy for regular screening will be
very  difficult. Hence, my request is anybody can give me a sound advice to
recommend a procedure for rapid and sensitive detection of phospholipidosis
in rodents.

Thanks and regards

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