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Hi Wulan Anggrahini

I am not working with cryostat sections only with Whole Mount E10.5 mouse
embryos. I bought the Cy3 conjugated mouse monoclonal anti-Smooth Muscle Actin
(clone 1A4 SIGMA C6198) and once is conjugated with Cy3 you don't need a 2ary
Antibody. It works very well with a 1:400 dilution.
Hope it helps


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> Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 01:26:15 -0400
> From: "Andrea T. Hooper" 
> Subject: Re: [Histonet] Alpha Smooth Muscle Actin -IHC
> To: Wulan Anggrahini ,	Histonet
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> Use DAKO's EPOS version. It's pricey but works incredibly well with
> ZERO background on mouse tissue.  Although I am not familiar with the
> secondary reagents you used it is likely that the background is from
> the anti-mouse secondary reacting with endogenous IgG in the tissue.
> If you cannot get access to EPOS you must use a mouse-on-mouse
> detection system. Contact me privately if you need more information.
> Hope this helps!
> Andrea
> >Is there anyone doing IHC for alpha SMA (mouse anti-aSMA Sigma,
> >clone 1A4) on mouse cryostat section ? I did on carotid artery
> >tissue and I used 1/100 dilution overnight and secondary antibody is
> >Histofine Max-PO (Mouse) in 1/200 dilution overnight.
> >
> >Problem is keep having background with low signal/background ratio.
> >Anyone has any tips ? I keep trying for 2 months already and now it
> >starts to make me frustating. Thanks before
> >
> >Wulan Anggrahini
> >Japan
> >
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