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From:"Katia Cristina Catunda"

We do have a great interest on that question either. My supervisor sent me 
an FAQ he got on CAP telling that the ideal workload would be 50 H/E slides 
per histotechnician - answered by 
Richard W. Brown, MD

In our lab we do have 12 histotechnicians with a routine that is about 470 
blocks (for 1/3 of them we generate two slides, one for HE and one for H. 
pilory) and 600 citological slides per day. They alternate their function 
every week:
- embedding - 3 of them
- microtomy 4 of them
- staining/mounting and organizing slides - 2 of them
- specific staining -the same of embedding
- archiving blocks - the same of staining
- citology routine - 2 of them
- one is allways on vacation
- immunohistochemistry - 2 of them are moved to other room twice a week

I was wondering which is the best way to determinate their workload in order 
to analyse if we have too many or too less employees. My personal opinion is 
that 50 H/E slides per employee would be very hard-working and out of our 

Does anybody has any idea?

But all of these informations are international since we are from Brazil...


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> Our hospital is conducting an analysis of laboratory workload, workflow
> and staffing.  This will include Histology as well, and we are being
> asked for input with any national benchmarks available for surgical
> histology tasks (i.e. average number cases accessioned, blocks embedded,
> slides cut../some type of time unit)  Does anyone know of some realistic
> published values or ranges?  Thanks!
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