[Histonet] HER2 elisa/protein

From:Caroline Bass

Hey guys,

I am attempting to quantify the amount of HER2 in some cell lysates.   
I have gotten a lot of advice about HER2 on this forum so I thought  
someone might be able to help.  Is there a cheap HER2 ELISA that  
someone could recommend?  I have found a couple but $700 for this  
small experiment is too much.  I was also thinking about doing a semi- 
quantitative western with known amounts of HER2, so if someone could  
recommend a source for HER2 protein that I could use for a standard  
that would be great.

Any advice would be appreciated.  I don't know if hospitals routinely  
do HER2 measurements.  If it is I thought perhaps I could pay to have  
my samples quantified at our medical center.


Caroline Bass

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