From:Jose Luis Palazon Fernandez

Dear List-members

I am finishing my doctoral thesis and would like to demonstrate renin in an aglomerular teleost kidney, smooth muscle in the iris, and muscle in the bulbus arteriosus. I know that this can be done inmunohistologically but my lab does not work in inmunohistochemistry so I do not have the antibodies. I would like to know if there is someone of our list here in Spain (hospital, University) that can do this kind of inmunos and the posibility of doing my samples with them or maybe sending the samples and paying for the inmunos.

thanks in advance

José Luis

Universidad de Oriente-Isla Margarita-Venezuela

actualmente en: Instituto de Ciencias Marinas de Andalucia

Puerto Real, Cádiz, España.

email: jluis.palazon@icman.csic.es

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