RE: [Histonet] seeking mouse CD31 Ab

From:"Koelling, Ray"

Several people wrote privately about my post re: CD31 on FFPE mouse asking
for a bit more info.

* 5 min Dako proteinase K
* Primary is from BD Pharmingen (think their website is bdbiosciences-go to
Pharmingen tab).  These are mainly flow reagents but we use a lot of them on
our mouse tissues.  Rat(Lew/Cr1BR) anti-mouse CD31, IgG2a, kappa  (cat
553370).  Overnight in refrigerator at 1 to 20,000
* Vector BA-4001, biotinylated rabbit anti-rat IgG (mouse adsorbed) 30 min.
* Perkin Elmer streptavidin-horseradish peroxidase NEL750 at 1 to 2,000. 30
* Perkin Elmer Renaissance TSA kit.  5 min.
* Of course obviously go back with steptavidin peroxidase again. 30 min.
* DAB/ methyl green or chromagen/counterstain your choosing and we use

Ray Koelling
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Amgen Corp.
Seattle, WA
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Sent:	Friday, July 08, 2005 10:19 AM
Subject:	[Histonet] seeking mouse CD31 Ab

I've tried many and none seem to work with FFPE sections.  Human Cd31 
isn't a problem at all, even in FFPe sections but,  mouse is a 
different story.
Anyone out there has had success in staining mouse vessels in formalin 
sections?  Any good Ab's or tricks?

thanks in advance.
Happy Friday!


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