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The best toluidine blue mast cell (for connective tissue mast cells) for us 
has been Churukians method.  It leaves no ugly background sometimes due to 
over-staining with T blue, mast cells are distinct from other cells, clean 
and very easy to set up.  We prefer it to Giemsa staining.

Toluidine Blue for Mast Cells, Churukian and Shenk

1.         Hydrate formalin fixed tissue sections.  Use skin for positive 
mast cell staining.
2.         0.5% potassium permanganate 2 min
3.         Distilled water X 2, 10 dips ea
4.         2% potassium metabisulfite 1 min
5.         Tap water, running 3 min
6.         Distilled water, 10 dips, 2 changes ea
7.         Toluidine blue solution 5 min
                         0.02% toluidine blue in 0.25% acetic acid (stable 
for 4 months)
8.         Distilled water X 3
9.         Dehydrate in 95%, 100% 2 changes each, clear and mount

Chururkian and Schenk, J Histotechnology  4(2):85-86, 1981  Toluidine blue 
for demonstrating mast cells

At 09:56 AM 7/27/2004, you wrote:

>We have been using an alcian blue stain at pH 0.4 to demonstrate mast 
>cells. Our pathologist would like to use a giemsa stain for mast cells. If 
>someone knows a good stain for mast cells could you let me know. Either a 
>giemsa stain or any other type would be appreciated.
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