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From:"Rebecca Barnhart"

We have tried many different pens for writing on cassettes and slides,
pencils smear for us.  The best that we have found is Shur/Mark from
Triangle Biomedical Sciences.  They have replaceable tips so when they
dry up you just put a new tip in.  We keep one for writing on cassettes
and one for slides (writing on slides makes the pen dull and then hard
to write on a cassette).  I just received a sample from Pacific
Southwest Lab Equipment that so far has done well, PathPen.  So far we
have used it to write on cassettes and slides and both stayed on.  The
only thing you MUST let the ink dry, they say for 60 seconds, or it will


>>> Emily  07/26/04 01:46PM >>>
We have been having a major problem the Securline markers for about a
year - they are pretty much dry when we get them. The company that
manufactures them told me to add xylene to each marker. It works most of
the time, but it takes up a lot of time to add the xylene. My feeling is
that I shouldn't have to do that anyway - they should just make a marker
that actually works. I have tried out many other pens/markers and have
found none to be satisfactory. The ink either fades too much during
processing or just totally washes off. Does anyone have any similar
issues? Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?
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