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Hi Jerry,

In response to your need  to stain Histology and Cytology slides
simultaneously, I would just like to let you know that there is
another choice of stainers to be Publiclly released by Leica next month.
The instrument is designed precisely for your need.
There are 5 wash stations with an optional 6th one that can be used with
Dist. water if needed.   Additionally, there can be up
to 32 reagent vessels( which allows enough stations so that sharing is not
necessary), 4 ovens, 4 load drawers, and 4 exit drawers
depending on how it best serves your needs.   The instrument uses an
innovative color-coded Transponder Technology to start and
complete your multiple protocols simultaneously  and if you wish, can be
integrated with a coverslipper. Please feel free to call me at the number
listed below if you have questions.   Good luck in your search.

Carolyn Earley
Marketing Manager
Leica Microsystems

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I am currently considering purchasing a Sakura Automatic slide stainer- DRS
6000 (i think).  I would like to set this instrument up to stain both
Histology and Cytology slides.  I understand the unit has only 27 resevoirs
for reagents, but can any of the resevoirs be commonly used by both
procedures?  Or, to get to the point- does anyone do this with their
stainer and would they be willing to share the procedure?

Jerry Wilson

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