Re: [Histonet] Repetitive motion Syndrome in particular use of sh oulders.

Obviously the compensation person has never stepped a foot in a histology 
lab.  Most of our duties require repetitive motion.  

Your injury is the outcome of a fall off a faulty chair.  Because of your 
shoulder injury from the fall you are unable to perform certain duties.  Shoulder 
injuries can be difficult to treat and with medical care and therapy it is a 
long journey.  Your shoulder most likely will never be perfect again, but you 
can get it to a point where most of your range of motion can be returned to 
you.  It is unimaginable how the compensation person can even make such an 
uneducated statement.  But then again they have a lot of stupid people around.  In 
order for your shoulder to get better, you do need to do your exercises and 
move that joint or face the possibility of forming adhesions and then the joint 
will be permanently frozen in place.  .  But microtomy because of the 
repetitive motion can cause even more inflammation....   Especially if you must be at 
this workstation for long periods.  Having to sit at workstations (such as 
embedding) with your shoulders hunched up don't help either.  

Ask that a physical or occupational therapist come in and evaluate your work 

Don't give up.  They are wrong and they are trying to get away with it.  If 
they had spent a few bucks to buy a decent chair, your accident would not have 
happened.  And they want to know why it is so difficult to find histologists!  

Good luck to you,   Pearl
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