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From:Gayle Callis

I think the real problem with Secureline pens is the middleman aka vendor 
buys up a huge supply, and lets pens sit on shelf too long, what you end up 
buying is a pen already dried out.  If vendors rotate their stocks 
appropriately, we would have fewer problems.  So far we have been lucky, 
although once pen is opened and used, it goes to pot in a hurry!

As for both marking pens you mention here, they all come off in 
concentrated formic acid during the prion protein immunostaining procedure. 
Our prion microtomy expert uses pencil to mark her slides.

At 07:20 AM 7/28/2004, you wrote:

>Statmark pens are, without a doubt, much better than the secureline slide
>markers.  A company that doesn't test their product before shipping it to
>their customers deserves to lose those customers.  But, just an FYI on the
>Statmark pens: keep a pencil handy to label any IHC slides going into a high
>pH citrate buffer for antigen retrieval since the Statmark pens will come
>off in the hot solution.  I have yet to find anything else that will take it
>off though.
>Glen Dawson  HT & QIHC (ASCP)
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>Milwaukee, WI
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