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I do not know what tissue you are using. It is unusual for the tissue to be hard to the point you are describing with this fixative for this fixation time as most of the hardening usually occurs in the processing. =20
If this were for example a piece of gut that was fixed as is  i.e. as its original tube and you would like to change this to a flat sheet....I would suggest that you wash the tissue well in water and then soak in a solution of 10% glycerin.  This should soften it sufficiently so that you can manipulate the tissue. To maintain this new shape, pin on a piece of cork, wash to remove the glycerin and then complete the processing.
Hope that this helps

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> Jocelyne,
> It would be helpful to know how long the tissues are in formalin?  What is
> your entire processing schedule and which reagents or alcohols are used?  It
> may be a combination of things not just formalin.  What is the exact formula
> or percentage of your formalin solution used in fixation?  These pieces of
> information would help us help you with your problem.
> Pam Marcum
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Hi everybody.
Since the sample is not mine but belongs to one of the preparators from our
institute, I had to aks for further information but now I got them.
The sample has been fixed in 8% formalin for approximately 2 weeks. There
was no other process. Our preparator didn`t use alkohol or other reagents.
Now the sample, which is intestine, is too hard to model. So what he wants
to do is change the shape of the sample without damaging it.
Do you know a way to soften the sample?
Thank you very much.

Jocelyne Leclerc
VetSuisse Fakultät
Veterinär-Anatomisches Institut
Winterthurerstr. 260
8057 Zürich

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