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Hi Frank,
I remember using JB4 , was it Leica or did we buy from LKB at the time or
was that "Historesin" 
It was fairly good up to a point but we gave it up for the getting of good
immuno on the samples rather than section thickness.  And then Feather
blades made 2um sections very possible
Neil Hand in Nottingham UK. had a recipe for a HEMA resin that he used to
get good immuno but the JB4/Historesin was not co-operative in our hands.
If you need that recipe get back to me, or him. 

Christie Hosp'
Manchester UK

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Has anybody had any experience using JB-4 plus embedding 
kits, or can anybody recommend an embedding media (and a 
place to order it from) used for light microscopy that allows 
good quality 1-2 micron sections?

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