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I agree with Joe.  When I went through Histo School at the AFIP we had a
section on gross tissue identification.  Any good histotech should
understand the terms associated with tissue anatomy (serosa, mucosa....).
Since the tissue must be collected and processed to be a certain size and
contain certain elements explained to you in the submission guidelines then
I would assume it is up to you to collect the tissue.  It's not like you
have to gross it in.  It just shows that you know how to measure and that
you can understand what tissue you are looking at.
Charles Embrey PA(AAPA), HT(ASCP)

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I will not speak to the exact current requirements but, when I did my
practical for the HTL, I located my own tissue, cut it from the original
stored tissue for a signed out case, processed it, embedded it, cut it,
stained it, and labeled the slides completely on my own.  Where possible I
isolated fresh tissue so I could control fixation as well.  No one did any
part of the work other than myself.  Note that you will be graded on tissue
selection (meeting the stated criteria), fixation, processing, embedding,
cutting, staining, etc so those steps should be your own work, plus you
should want to control all these factors yourself and not leave any part of
it up to someone else who may not have as high a standard to meet.  However,
I must add that I did have the advantage of working in the gross room of a
large teaching hospital at the time, so I had access to facilities and
tissue sources that many people would not.  This definitely made my task
easier.  I do believe that if you get tissue from another institution that
you are supposed to acquire fixed tissue and proceed from there.  We have
had students from the regional schools who did a practicum at our
institution use part of their time with us to find, process and embed tissue
here and then take the embedded blocks with them to complete the challenge
at their home base. 

Good luck,

Joe Galbraith

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Subject: [Histonet] practical exam clarification?

Can someone please help with this one?  My supervisor told me that  when 
collecting my tissue I was suppose to cut it by myself... Now, i understand
i have to cut the tissue after processing it and embedding it, but she told

me i had to cut it from the initial tissue source like our pathologists and
 PA'S do.  For example, if i needed a piece of uterus, after the case is  
signed out, i had to cut sections from that uterus.  Can someone help i'm
confused and i want to make sure i'm doing the right thing.  Thanks  Jennell
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