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From:Phillip Huff

Hello Patsy,
We are currently using the Instrumedic tape-transfer system in our lab. I was surprised to see that you are using turpentine to remove the tape from your slides! We follow the procedure as recommended by Instrumedics: once the section is on the tape and placed in the slide, we UV-flash the tape-section-slide sandwich and place in the back of the cryostat to get very cold. After about 10 minutes, the tape peels off and the section remains in the slide. When and why did you begin using turpentine, and was this a recommendation from Instrumedics?
Just curious,

Patsy Ruegg  wrote:
I have done some work with this and never found it very satisfing. Why did you stick the sections onto office tape. Instrumedics has a tape transfer system using their tape and polymer coated slides which the tape section rolls onto and then is exposed to uv light, the section is polymerized to the coated slide and then you can remove the tape after soaking in a turpentine solovent. With what you already have I would do all the staining on the tape and then try and stick it to a slide at the end, maybe leaving the tape on the section, soak it in xylene briefly and coverslip sort of using the tape as your glass cover, or if it is not too think and wrinkled use permount and a glass coverslip to attach it to a slide. This has always been a mess in my hands, the adhesive stains and everything wrinkles and bubbles up.

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Subject: [Histonet] adhesive tape & MMA Sections

OK, this is the last time I'm posting this, so if this is version #54, please bear with me, as it seems some sort of gremlin crept into the system.
The question is:

How do I treat MMA sections that are stuck onto common office type sticky tape?
Do I:
a) Stain first & stick onto a slide later -if so what type of adhesive will work best?
b)Stick down first & remove sticky tape ( what solvent to try I'm scared I'll lose the section altogether)
c)Stain, stick down & ignore the sticky tape & mount as usual.

Any & all help will be appreciated (but please don't ask me to consider the Instrumedics system - its not appropriate for this application)

Best regards
Louise Renton
Bone Research Unit
University of the Witwatersrand
South Africa what IS the speed of dark?

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