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I stopped using secureline markers some time ago because the writing on
an entire rack of slides came off completely.  I agree with
shouldn't have to add xylene to pens.  They should have better QC than
that. We use a pencil to write the accession number on the slides before
we cut, then apply  paper sticky labels after cover slipping. The
information is set up in MS Excel and printed on large label paper. This
is time intensive, but we don't have a slide labeler and I can't think
of any other options.  If there are any out there, I'm all ears, too *g*

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We have been having a major problem the Securline markers for about a
year - they are pretty much dry when we get them. The company that
manufactures them told me to add xylene to each marker. It works most of
the time, but it takes up a lot of time to add the xylene. My feeling is
that I shouldn't have to do that anyway - they should just make a marker
that actually works. I have tried out many other pens/markers and have
found none to be satisfactory. The ink either fades too much during
processing or just totally washes off. Does anyone have any similar
issues? Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?
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