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JCAHO inspectors are now using a new tracer technique that allows them to ask any random employee direct questions rather than just the management.  Usually these questions relate to your job training and to safety (OSHA type stuff) and security issues (HIPA type stuff).  Everyone should be aware that JCAHO is taking a more aggressive approach when it comes to assessing whether front line personnel really do know the rules.

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Joe Galbraith

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I run a small VA histo lab in Oregon.  I am getting my first JCAHO
inspection in two weeks.  I have been around for these inspections in the
past, but most questions were directed at the lab manager.  I am the sole
tech in histo, and am wondering if anyone can give me an idea of what
questions I can expect.  I know they will be doing tracer methodology etc in
the main lab, but I am not sure what to expect in histo.  I have printed the
2004 JCAHO survey guide and the frequently asked questions, but I find
almost nothing that applies to me.  Any ideas??

Thank You!

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