[Histonet] re Rodent Processing Schedule


 I routinely process mouse and rat whole brains ( tho' I will also bisect/cut into appropriate segments too) on my Leica "dip'n'dunk" processor. x1 each of 30/70/90% IMS, x3 100% IMS, x1 100%IMS/Xylene - 1:1, x2 xylenes, x2 wax. Mouse brains tend to go on a schedule of 2hrs in each and every pot altho if I've got whole rat brains to process at the same time I'll add the meeses to a schedule of 4hrs in each pot. Never had any problems. If I'm processing  rat/mouse brain slices( sliced after fixation in "10%" formalin, whether perfused or immersion -fixed, ) I'll usually use the 2hr schedule. I also put mouse/rat/fly/fish/chick embryos thro' on same 2hr/pot -schedule. 

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