[Histonet] lymph node clearing, hardening

From:"Featherstone, Annette"

Anyone using a homemade lymph node clearing and hardening solution that does
not contain chloroform or ether?
Annette Featherstone

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Hi Marlene,

We use Davidson's fluid, which is a mixture of Alcohol, formalin and acetic



                      Marlene Nardi


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We currently use Bouin's solution to fix animal eyes (good retinal
preservation), to fix animal reproductive tissues (prevents shrinkage of
testes), and as the post-fix in the Masson Trichrome stain.  Any ideas on a
less hazardous alternative solution for any of these uses?  For the
Trichrome stain I have tried the commercial Bouin's substitute, Gram's
iodine and citrate buffer with limited/no success.
thank you in advance,

Marlene C. Nardi
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