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From:Gayle Callis

Tissue Prep 2 is hard but its melting point is not that high, and check 
with Richard Allan - I think they have one also.

I think you were thinking of piccolyte, a resin that dissolves in the 
melted paraffin.  We add this to paraffin milleniums ago, before paraffin 
technology and additives improved.  It made the paraffin  supersticky plus 
it was a total pain to deal with, a huge mess.  I recall the company that 
made it was called Hercules Corp, I am not sure you can even get it 
anymore.  It come in huge bags and big chunks in the bag.

There is a publication on this resin in J of Histotechnology back a few 
years.  Personally, you should try to find one ready to go to save 
time.  Surgipath has a blue ribbon paraffin, check with them also.

  At 02:06 PM 7/21/2004, you wrote:
>What is the hardest paraffin on the market?  I've found Gold Standard
>Peel-A-Way with a melting point of 62-64 degrees C.  Does anyone have
>any comments about the Gold Standard paraffins?  Years ago, a lab used
>some sort of additive to their paraffin for bone that made the block
>yellow in color.  Does anyone know what that could have been.  I believe
>it was something like picrotin?  Ring any bells?  Thanks, Sarah
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