[Histonet] Repetitive motion Syndrome in particular use of shoulders.

From:Janice McDonald

I sustained an injury to my left shoulder while at
work in the lab when I fell off a defective stool and
landed on the floor hitting my shoulder. The insurance
company is refusing to pay for my treatment as their
Occupational Specialist has stated that histology work
is not repetitive and in particular the shoulder is
not affected.They have requested that I provide
information to the contrary if I wish to have my case
reviewed.We were using an older model Microm where the
left handle came 4/5ths of the way to the top of the
microtome which required my arm to be in a slightly
raised position causing me considerable discomfort.The
lab is a research lab at a medical school and all our
staining and coverslipping were done manually in a
large fume hood that had a lowered glass door.
I am hoping that some-one knows or has on file any
documented information that they can send to me
relating to RMS in particular mentioning the shoulder
that I can present it to the insurer.
Thanks !
Jan McDonald
Skin Institute
Lake Rd,
New Zealand. 

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