[Histonet] Murphy's Laws of Histotechnology

From:"Jones, Laura"

We've had this taped on our refrigerator forever - it's a little dated, but
thought you all might enjoy.

Murphy's Laws of Histotechnology
Joan Gibson and Christine Jacobs
Fort Myers Community Hospital
(Not Dated)

1. Stoney prostate will only be cut on your best knife
2. Any compound ordered as a crystal will always be delivered as a liquid.
3. Unscheduled frozens are always brought to the laboratory at lunch time.
4. "Easy to Pour" Xylene cans aren't.
5. Once a ribbon is finally obtained on hard to cut tissue, it will blow
across the room.
6. The chance of getting silver nitrate on  your fingers during the day is
directly proportional to the
    importance of your social activities that evening.
7. The probability that a section will wash off the slide is directly
proportional to the amount of         
    tissue remaining in the block.
8. The first block cut on a reconditioned knife will have a staple in it.
9. The chance of a power failure during the night is directly proportional
to the number of rush 
    specimens in the processor.
10. When timing for a stain is crucial, the timer will not function.
11. The need to filter a solution will always be discovered after the slides
have been put into
     that solution.
12. The pathologist paces the most when the tech is working on a frozen.
13. The amount of anxiety felt while waiting for your registry results is
directly proportional to your
      lack of confidence.
14. The chance that you'll need to use acetone is directly proportional to
how recently you've done
      your nails.
15. Serial sections are requested only after you've forgotten to use your
"Cling Free".
16. When a tray of slides is dropped, only the slides with unusual pathology
will break.
17. The bulb in the microscope will burn out in the middle of a frozen.
18. If a lab party is planned for the afternoon, there will be double the
normal workload for the 
19. Your good, dependable knife always gives out on the next to last block
of the day.
20. Rush supply orders will always be back ordered.

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