[Histonet] Cryosectioning, fixing and H&E staining


     I want to cryosection collagen (bovine type I) matrixes seeded with
human stromal fibroblasts.  I am looking at collagen production by the
fibroblast.  My two questions are 1) Is it better to fix before or after
cryosectioning?  Iím using a 1% glutaraldehyde- 10% formalin fixative.  2)
After section I want to use a Hematoxylin (Modified Harris) and Eosin Y
alcoholic stain, but Iím having trouble seeing the Eosin stain.  I have
tried shortening the destaining step, but it doesnít seem to be working. 
Also, the staining steps, some of my samples donít want to stay on the

Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Minnesota       

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