Re: [Histonet] fixing and processing testicular biops.

From:"Gudrun Lang"

Dear Tim,
I've read controvers texts. On one side John Kiernan writes, that is does
not make sense to put bouin-fixed tissue in NFB. (because  it solutes the
On the other side I read, that the tissue should be washed in water or
My problem is, if we should create a proper protocol for our biospies or if
the old one is good enough.

Gudrun Lang

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> Gudrun, Bouin's is the preferred fixative for testis. And Bouin's is
> generally an excellent fixative for immunohistochemistry. Normally,
> - fixed tissue should be rinsed in water for 30 minutes after fixation and
> before further processing
> Tim Morken
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> Subject: [Histonet] fixing and processing testicular biops.
> Dear histonetters
> Our usual treatment of testicular biopsies is:
> fixing a few hours in bouin's solution, then putting them together with
> other biopsies in the VIP.
> processing begins with NFB-70-80-clearing-paraffin, over night.
> 1. question:
> Does this treatment make sense at all? Is it estimated, that the result
> would be the same with or without bouin? 2. please let me know about a
> proper processing-protocol for testicular biopsies. (needle-biopsies, VIP)
> 3. Do you know any good substitute for bouin, that does'nt effect
> for this purpose?
> many thanks
> Gudrun Lang
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