Re: [Histonet] endogenous alk phos block and HIER


I'm using peroxidase but I do my blocking for endogenous 
peroxidase after the AR, and that seems to be working. I have 
accidentally reverse it before though, and didn't get wildly 
different results, so I'm not sure whether the order matters 
                                      Rebekah Smith
On Thu Jul 15 10:46:27 EDT 2004, Amy Porter  

> Just curious to know what everyone thinks about pretreatments for 
> endogenous products and Heat induced retrieval methods.  Do you 
> do the blocking before the retrieval or after?  I am always 
> worried about effecting the pH treatment from the retrieval if i 
> pretreat for endogenous after retrieval.  On the other hand if I 
> block first and then retrieve, am i re-opening what i just tried 
> to get rid of while retrieving.  I hope this makes sense to 
> someone and opinions would be greatly appreciated.  I know i will 
> get lots of good information, as always - Thanks in advance for 
> all the help.
> Amy S.Porter, HT(ASCP) Michigan State University Department of 
> Physiology Division of Human Pathology College of Human Medicine 
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