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we use a 3% threshold and track specimen labeling errors(o.r.,LDR, ER) then we track histotech,P.A. errors and pathologists errors (slide and block mislabeling, tissue issues,etc),we also track floaters, contaminents,etc and morgue issues as well. this way we have a pre-analytic, analytic and post analytic view. Hope this helps if you need any copies of what we do I would be glad to fax them to you.
P.S. so far we have stayed under 1%

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>Greetings, Histonetters.
>I understand that 0% is the optimal threshold, however I'd like to get a
>consensus of the standard that clinical histo labs have set for slide/block
>labeling errors. 
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>Supervisor, Anatomic Pathology 
>Pennsylvania Hospital 
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