Re: [Histonet] LEG TRANSPORT

From:Ford Royer

I'm sure that something more specific to this application has come out 
by now, but way back when... all limbs were transported to the lab 
wrapped (completely) in sterile surgical towels place on a stainless 
steel surgical tray.  After examination, any "disposable" parts were 
then put in the red biohazard bags and disposed of in the proper 
manner.  The surgical towels were also placed in a separate red bag and 
sent back to Central Service for sterilization and laundering.  Then 
repackaged & autoclaved for re-use.

~ Ford

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Christine Baker wrote:

>I have just been told that I cannot use the red bags to transport a leg from Surgery to the lab and than to disposal. It is illegal to reach inside the bag to remove anything once it has been put in it. I would like to know how everyone else is handling this problem. Is there a transport vehicle that is just for legs? If so where do i get it?
> Thanking you in advance
>Christine Baker
>SRRMC Histology Supervisor
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