RE: [Histonet] high to low profile blades

From:"Kapoor, Sue"

We were using high profile blades from Surgipath and the microtome was set
at 3 degrees. 
Changing the back plate to switch to low profile blades, we just couldn't
get sections. I kept thinking it had to be the angle but I didn't think it
would be such a big jump. I have it set at 10 degrees now and so far so

Thanks again for all the suggestions, working it out on my own would have
taken awhile to get as high as 10.

just curious....anyone else using a Reichert-Jung 2030 with high profile
blades, what is your angle set at?

Sue Kapoor, HT (ASCP)
Histology Coordinator
Kenosha Medical Center
Kenosha, WI

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Interesting, I set all my high profiles on a Leica at 11 degrees, tweaking 
low profile a tidge to the high side of 12 or 13.  It must be the blades 
you were using, I can honestly say I have never used a disposable blade 
(low or high) at 3 degrees! 

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